In daily life we have used many social media application like FB, IG etc. but do you think how this platform will provide the friend recommendation alert. Also, the alert for the each user is kind of unique and depends upon the his or her friend circle, office circle etc. In this case study we will take the deep look at how all this stuff will work in perspective of the Machine Learning models.

Table of Contents:

A. Introduction

B. ML Formulation

C. Business Objective and Constraints

D. Data set analysis

E. First Cut Approach

F. Performance Matrix


H. Featurization


Hello Everyone,

Hope all you are well, Earlier in previous blog we have started with the basic of OpenCV. There we have seen how to perform image and video resizing, cropping etc. and this is the second part of the OpenCV tutorials. In this blog we mainly focus on the advance section of the OpenCV which will cover the below mentioned questions. But If you are new to OpenCV or finding this difficult to understand then please visit the OpenCV basic guide part-1 blog and brush up the basics then come back to this blog.

The question which are still…

Hello folks,

Hope you all are well, In the coming blogs I will try to help you to kick start your Open CV course. This is the first blog in the series and in this blog I have mainly focused on the foundation of the OpenCV, so we will answer the below mentioned question in this blog.

How to install OpenCV?

How to load and display the image?

Can we read and display the video in same way as image?

How to resize the image?

How to add shapes and text within the image?

How to…

We have heard about correlation, covariance and causation a lot of times but all these terms are a little bit confusing. If you are reading this blog then there is no space for confusion so, please read this blog till the end.

All these terms are used when we have to find the relationship between the features. correlation, covariance and causation are mostly belonging to the world of statistics but it is also a very useful concept in Data Science. OK, now done with the introduction let’s jump on the concept.

Table of Contents:

1) Covariance

2) Correlation

2.1) Pearson Correlation Coefficient:


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